Chalav Yisrael Mozzarella Cheese Available

Thick base R14
Whole wheat base R14
Wheat free R29
Mozzarella R28

Dessert piZZa, choc sauce, roasted nuts, caramalized banana, maple syrup, R74
ice-cream & /or cream
Calzone, folded pizza R84
Focaccia, herb or garlic or both R44
The basic R76
Blue-cheese, roasted beetroot & brown-onion marmalade R97
Sage, butternut & ricotta R88
Rocket, pine nuts and feta R90
Capers, olives & anchovies S.Q.
Camembert, mint-jam & pecan nuts R98
The 3 cheese, camembert, blue & ricotta with mint-jam R108
Mexicana, red-roast tomato salsa, soya mince, guacamolé & jalapeño R108
Quattro Stagioni, artichokes, mushrooms, olives & salami R124
The three chilli, jalapeño, sweet chilli, fresh chilli, sun-dried tomato and peppers R92
Roast mediterranean veg & fresh basil R92
Smoked salmon, cream cheese, caramelized red onion & avo S.Q.
Baby Spinach, feta & roasted garlic R95
Avo & feta R95
Brinjal, feta, basil leaf & roasted peppers R97
Pesto & fresh tomato R97
Porcini & Feta R97
Habanero, deadly scotch-bonnet chilli, ‘if you dare’ R92
Mixed mushrooms, button and brown mushrooms R98
Caprese, cherry tomato, pesto & basil leaves R97
Veg Pizza, mushrooms, olives, peppers & onions R104
The Menash, thick base, extra mozzarella, extra napolitana, fresh basil R115
and fiery penne



Chilli-cheese fries, straw potatoes, devil dust, molten mozzarella, R83
roasted-jalapeño sauce & homemade bbq sauce
Onion Ring Stack, a pile of thick cut, battered rings served with a R72
roasted-pineapple salsa and homemade bbq sauce
Melanzane, brinjals in a tomato based sauce with mozzarella & garlic R70
Halloumi, grilled or fried goat’s milk cheese & rocket with a berry vinaigrette R64
Potato skins, a collection of crispy roots, served with sweet chilli sauce & R62
sour cream
Nachos, corn flour crisps smothered in mozzarella cheese & red roast tomato R107
salsa and grilled. Served with cream cheese, guacamolé, jalapeño chillies & spicy mince
Nachos ½ portion, same as above, but not so beeeeeeeg!!! R70
Crispy fries, straw potatoes with a sauce of your choice – garlic, blue cheese, R58
pepper, mushroom or peri-naise
Asparagus, fresh green asparagus marinated and grilled. Served with R64
parmesan shavings & balsamic vinegar (when available)
Grilled mushroom, brown mushroom/s filled with blue cheese & mozzarella R64


Garden, cucumber, tomatoes, mixed peppers, avo, red onion & mixed lettuce   Bambino R54    Grande R83
Roasted butternut, beetroot, rocket, feta, toasted pine nuts & red oak lettuce   Bambino R62     Grande R95
Greek, calamata olives, feta, red onion, cherry tomatoes, cucumber,   Bambino R62    GrandeR95
iceberg lettuce, mixed peppers & red oak lettuce
Blue cheese, cucumber, tomatoes, red onion, iceberg & red oak lettuce   Bambino R64    GrandeR97

Tuna, baby beans, sugar beans, red oak lettuce, capers, olives, anchovies,   Bambino S.Q.    GrandeS.Q.
boiled egg & feta
Couscous, roasted butternut, sweet potato, pine kernels, feta & olives   Bambino R64    Grande R97
Smoked salmon, cottage cheese, avo, toasted seeds, red onion, iceberg &   Bambino S.Q.    Grande S.Q.
red oak lettuce
Caprese, mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, basil leaf, english cucumber, red onion &   Bambino R62    Grande R95
mixed lettuce
Caesar, parmesan shavings, anchovies, boiled egg, croutons, cucumber & cos lettuce   Bambino S.Q.    Grande S.Q.
Halloumi, grilled or fried goat’s milk cheese, avo, cucumber, cherry tomatoes,   Bambino R64    Grande R97
& mixed lettuce
Sushi salad, sushi rice, salmon, tuna, avocado and nori with mixed lettuce, carrots,   Bambino R72    Grande R108
cucumber & a sweet soya dressing


Tuna melt spud, roasted peppers, calamata olives, mixed mushrooms, fresh basil R77
and mozzarella
Mexico melt, soya mince, red-roast tomato salsa, guacamolé, jalapeño chillies & R74
sour cream
Pacific spud, pacific smoked salmon, cottage cheese, toasted seeds, fresh rocket & S.Q.
Baby blue, blue cheese, roast butternut, caramelized red onion, grilled zucchini & R77
baby spinach
Philadelphia, grilled portabello mushroom, baby spinach, Philly cheese & R86
basil pesto

Bagels & Wraps

Nicoise, tuna, anchovies, olives, capers, boiled egg & mixed lettuce S.Q.
Caprese, mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, basil pesto & red oak lettuce R78
Med veg, roasted peppers, zucchini, cottage cheese, sundried tomatoes & rocket R78
Smoked salmon, cottage cheese, mixed lettuce, english cucumber, S.Q.
toasted seeds & avo
Halloumi, grilled or fried goat’s milk cheese, avo, cucumber, cherry tomatoes & R74
mixed lettuce
Egg mayo, red onions, roasted peppers & rocket R74

ToAsTed sAndwiches & Tramezzinis

Served on toasted white/whole wheat, toasted bagel or toasted focaccia
Roast Veg, zucchini, mixed peppers, sundried tomato, mozzarella & pesto
Blue cheese & chutney
3 Cheese, mozzarella, blue, camembert with mint jam Tuna mayo, roast peppers, olives and sweet pickle
Putanesca, mozzarella, capers, olives, anchovies & tomato
Egg Mayo, red onion, roasted peppers & rocket
Spinach & Feta with roasted garlic

FiSh & Fusion


cashew–coriander pesto,
tikka paste, teriyaki sauce,
green Thai curry, red Thai curry.

With your choice of crispy fries, herbed tagliatelle, roasted veg, sushi rice or rocket salad
Salmon, oven baked & served with pesto S.Q.
Linefish, oven baked & served with pesto S.Q.
Hake & chips, grilled or beer-battered. R124
Served with a lemon-butter sauce

Thai curries served with a choice of steamed jasmine rice or fresh egg-noodles
Green Thai fish curry, filleted linefish or Norwegian salmon, crunchy Asian veggies, S.Q.
coconut milk, green chillies, lemon grass, coriander root, lime zest and more
Green Thai veg curry, same as above, bar the fish R108
Red Thai fish curry, filleted linefish or Norwegian salmon, dried Thai chillies, cumin, S.Q.
lemongrass, coriander seeds, coconut milk & crunchy Asian veg
Red Thai veg curry, same as above, bar the fish R108
Veg Chow Mein, crunchy Asian veggies flash fried in the wok with shitake R108
mushrooms, bean sprouts, tofu, baby marrow, handmade egg-noodles & more

pasTa & gNoccHi

Wheat free pasta

Pasta sauces served with handmade tagliatelle, gnocchi or imported penne

Carbonara, smoked salmon, parmesan, crispy croutons, fresh herbs & egg R118
Smoked salmon & fresh cream S.Q.
Pesto cream, simple basil pesto with fresh cream S.Q.
Creamy porcini, wild and cultivated mushrooms in a cream sauce R118
Blue cheese, creamy blue cheese sauce R118 Putanesca, olives, anchovies, capers with napolitana sauce S.Q.
Arrabiata, tomato based sauce with chilli R96
Napolitana, tomato based sauce R96
Med veg, mushroom, brinjal, zucchini, olives, french beans & tomato R106
Rosé, napolitana with a dash of cream R106
3 cheese, blue, camembert & ricotta R118
Spaghetti alla norma, fresh pasta, mint, basil, brinjal, R118
cherry tomatoes & feta cheese


Served with a napolitana or rosé sauce

Spinach & ricotta S.Q.
Roast butternut & mascarpone S.Q.


Lasagne & Melanzane

Tuna, tuna, napolitana, mushrooms, roast peppers & olives Medium R80 Large R118
Vegetable, zucchini, brinjal, olives, french beans & mushrooms Medium R74 Large R108

Melanzane, napolitana sauce, brinjals, mozzarella & parmesan
(no pasta sheets in the Melanzane) S.Q. S.Q.


DesserTs & Coffees

Chalav Yisrael Milk available

Waffles, thin based, light crispy waffle served with maple syrup, R66
ice-cream & /or cream
Dessert piZZa, choc sauce, roasted nuts, caramalized banana, maple syrup, R74
ice-cream & /or cream
Lemon Meringue R60
Baked cheese cake, (guess the secret ingredient) R52 Chocolate torte, sweet short-crust pastry base filled with Belgian chocolate R54
& a choice of whipped cream or ice-cream
Ice-cream & hot bar-one sauce R58
Banana split, banana, vanilla ice-cream, toasted nuts, whipped cream R58
and choc sauce
Next Door Sunday, vanilla ice-cream, marshmallow, smarties, flake, R64
toasted nuts, wafer, whipped cream and stuff
Creme Bruleé, baked custard with fresh vanilla pod & a burnt sugar topping R62
Freezos R40
Smoothies R40
bar one, cookie, choc-banana, R42
vanilla, caramel
Hot Chocolate R28
Milo R28
Bar one hot chocolate R28
Flavoured tea R18


Filter Coffee R20
Baby-chino R9
Cappuccino R23
Espresso single R18
Espresso double R21
Latte R28
Skinny R23
Irish Coffee R42
Don Pedro whiskey R47
Don Pedro Frangelico R47




Create your

fresh garlic, fresh chilli,
sage, basil, banana,
cherry tomatoes,
fresh tomato,
caramelized red onion,
roasted garlic,
roasted butternut,
roasted beetroot,
roasted zucchini,
roasted sweet potato,
napolitana sauce,
soya mince,
habanero sauce,
mint jam, tikka paste,
red-roast tomato salsa


capers, feta,
ricotta cheese,
cream cheese,
mixed peppers,
pineapple, brinjal,
jalapeno chillies,
garden peas



rocket, calamata olives,
avo, guacamole,
roasted peppers,
sundried tomatoes,
cashew-coriander pesto,
brown onion marmalade



mixed mushrooms,
fresh asparagus,
baby spinach, camembert,
blue cheese, halloumi,
soya salami, olive paste,
pecan nuts

smoked salmon,
basil pesto,
Philadelphia cheese,
porcini mushrooms,
pine nuts