calzone 88
folded pizza

focaccia 36

the basic 88

capers, olives, anchovies 116

mexicana 136
roast tomato salsa, guac, soya mince, jalapeno, nachos

3 chilli 110
jalapeno, chilli flakes, fresh chilli, sun-dried tomatoes, peppers

smoked trout 148
crème fraiche, caramelized red onion, avo

rocket, feta, cherry tomatoes 108

baby spinach, feta, roasted garlic 116

avo & feta 110

pesto, fresh tomato 122

veg 121
mushrooms, olives, red onion, peppers

mixed mushrooms 108
buttons, portabello

caprese 118
cherry tomato, pesto, basil leaves

menash 134
xtra mozzarella, xtra arrabiata, basil, penne, thick base

the ant 124
rocket, feta, garlic, chilli, pineapple, whole wheat base


thick base 16
whole wheat 16
wheat free 30

garlic 9
banana 9
chilli 9
fresh tomato 9
napolitana sauce 9
jalapeno chilli 9
soya mince 9
basil 12
cherry tomato 12
red onion 12
roasted garlic 12
red-roast tomato salsa 12
capers 12
ricotta cheese 12
mixed peppers 15
pineapple 15
fresh rocket 15
brown onion marmalade 18
feta 18
calamata olives 18
sun-dried tomatoes 18
mixed mushrooms 18
baby spinach 18
parmesan 18
avo 22
guacamole 22
anchovies 24
mozzarella 28
tuna 30
basil pesto 36
crème fraiche 36
smoked trout 40



poke bowl R130
salmon, sushi rice, sweet soy, asian pickles, shrooms, nori, kombu, avo, shredded veg, sesame seeds, toasted nuts

salmon ceviche taco 75
hard-shell tacos, tequila, lime, jalapeno, shredded veg, salsa, hot sauce, yoghurt, avo

mince and mozzarella taco 68
hard-shell tacos, soya mince, mozzarella, jalapeno, shredded veg, salsa, hot sauce, yoghurt, guac

nachos 122
corn-flour chips, mozzarella, jalapeno, salsa, soya mince, sour cream, guac

crispy fries 68
straw potatoes, dipping sauces

minestrone soup 76
tomato, borlotti and edamame beans, cabbage, bow-tie pasta, pesto, focaccia bread

thai veg soup 79
shitake mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, tofu, lemongrass, bok-choy, sprouts, julienned veg, egg noodles, coconut milk



halloumi crunch 114
halloumi, fresh corn, seedless grapes, sugar-snap peas, rocket, butter lettuce, red cabbage, red onion, pumpkin seeds, berry vinaigrette

rocket, feta & toasted seed 114
rocket, red butter lettuce, ruby cabbage, white cabbage, avo, carrots, red onion, feta, toasted seeds, pomegranate vinaigrette

smoked trout 135
salmon trout, avo, crème fraiche, capers, red onion, butter lettuce, carrots, cucumber, cherry tomato, toasted seeds, mustard vinaigrette

thai salmon 142
teriyaki salmon, rice-noodles, bok choy, baby spinach, cucumber, mint, coriander, sprouts, spring onion, peanuts, chilli, lime, lemongrass, soy

crispy fish 114
hake, lemongrass, ginger, lime-leaf, chilli, red onion, carrots, coriander, cashews, lime juice, fish sauce

tuna 129
tuna, boiled-egg, capers, anchovies, feta, borlotti beans, snap-peas, carrots, cucumber, peppers, cherry tomatoes, butter lettuce

sushi 129
salmon,avo, sushi rice, nori, carrots, cucumber, butter lettuce, ice-berg, 2 dressings

greek 110
calamata olives, feta, carrots, peppers, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, red onion, red butter lettuce, ice-berg

garden 99
avo, carrots, peppers, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, red onion, rocket, red butter lettuce, ice-berg



smoked trout bagel/wrap/low gi toast 70
salmon trout, avo, crème fraiche, capers, red onion, butter lettuce, carrots, cucumber, cherry tomato, toasted seeds, mustard vinaigrette

smashed avo 102
avo, feta, celery salsa, portabello mushroom, rocket, toasted seeds, low gi toast, pomegranate glaze

grilled halloumi wrap 60
halloumi, avo, peppers, carrots, cherry tomato, cucumber, red butter lettuce, ice-berg

toasted tuna mayo focaccia/whole wheat/low gi toast 96
tuna, roast peppers, olives, sweet pickle

toasted baby spinach focaccia/whole wheat/low gi toast 92
baby spinach, feta, roasted garlic


carbonara 137
smoked salmon trout, parmesan, crispy croutons, fresh herbs, egg

pesto cream 137
basil pesto, cream

salmon trout 137
smoked salmon trout, cream, edamame beans, white wine

creamy porcini 137
button, portabello and porcini mushrooms, cream

rose 123
napolitana, cream

putanesca 125
napolitana, capers, olives

arrabiata 112
napolitana, chilli

med veg 123
napolitana, zucchini, mushrooms, snap-peas, olives, pesto

napolitana 112
tomato base

ravioli 133
butternut, mascarpone / baby spinach, ricotta

tuna lasagna 137
tuna, napolitana, mushrooms, peppers, olives, cream, pasta sheets

veg lasagna 123
napolitana, zucchini, mushrooms, snap-peas, olives, cream, pasta sheets



norwegian salmon R244
salmon, salsa verde, one side

beer battered hake 137
hake, windhoek lager, lemon butter, one side

wood-fired hake 137
hake, lemon butter, one side

black bun salmon burger 125
norwegian salmon, beetroot-mayo, celery salsa, rocket, tomato, bun, cheese-fries, wasabi mayo

fish burger 110
hake, windhoek lager, ice-berg, tomato, pickle, 1000 island, bun, chees-fries, lemon mayo

green thai fish curry R244
salmon, baby marrow, carrot, lime leaf, curry paste, chilli, coconut milk, basil, jasmine rice

green thai veg curry 125
tofu, sweet potato, butternut, oyster mushroom, shitake mushroom, baby marrow, carrot, lime leaf, curry paste, chilli, coconut milk, basil, jasmine rice

pad thai 130
rice-noodles, peanuts, egg, tofu, salted radish, spring onion, tamarind, sprouts, fish sauce

veg chow mein 112
tofu, baby marrow, carrots, red onion, shitake mushroom, button mushroom, celery, cashew nuts, spring onion, sprouts, egg noodles, teriyaki



the nut-job 79
pizza base, nutella, folded, delicious

waffles 75
thin, light, crispy, maple syrup, cream/ice cream

baked cheese cake 60

lemon meringue 72

chocolate torte 62
sweet short-crust pastry, belgian chocolate, cream/ice cream

ice cream 68
hot bar-one sauce

crème brulee 73
baked custard, fresh vanilla, burnt sugar

freak-shakes 75
death by chocolate strawberry candy store caramel popcorn bliss peanut butter side show