Finger Food

(approx 50 pieces per platter)

Thai fish cakes, with a peanut satay sauce R7 per piece
Fish fingers, packed with homemade fresh veg R7 per piece
London style fried fish served with lemon mayo R7 per piece
Bruschetta – rustic style savouries on grilled breads R290
(olive tapenade, crushed cherry tomatoes and basil,roasted peppers, smoked salmon and avo)
Mini wraps- smoked salmon & avo, tuna mayo, R300
caprese, roast veg, blue cheese, halloumi, nicoise
Mexican – nachos, burritos, tortillas, mini Mexican pizzas R340
Pizzete – selection of mini pizzas and focaccias R330
Mini quiche – tantalising mini pastries stuffed with R330
an array of Next Door style fillings
Veg crudite – fresh veg cuts with a selection of dips R300

Fresh Fruit Platter – freshest fruit of the season R300
Cheese board, a selection of the finest kosher cheeses
available served with Next Door preserves and crackers R690



Mixed sandwich – fresh, closed sandwiches on a mix of bagel, seed loaf and white R300
Health sandwich – a mix of the same on low GI seed loaf slices R300
Mixed bagel- Choose from: tuna nicoise, caprese, egg mayo R350
& rocket, 3 cheese, roast veg, grilled halloumi, salmon/avo


Sushi veg R280
Sushi salmon, tuna & veg R370

Fish & VegeTables

Wood fire baked Linefish Next Door style      whole R230p/kg    filleted R400p/kg
Hot Smoked Salmon Next Door Style whole R350p/kg  filleted R490p/kg
Wood fire roasted vegetables R220


Tuna lasagne    R340
Veg lasagne    R310
Melenzane    R310


(penne, tagliatelle and gnocchi)

Arrabiata     R280
Napolitana     R280
Med veg     R300
Rosé     R300
Putanesca     R300
Blue cheese           R300
Pesto cream    R340
Salmon    R340
Porcini    R340
Handmade portion gnocchi 500grms    R60

Ravioli –

Napolitana sauce or Rosè

Spinach and Ricotta    R330
Butternut and Marscapone    R330

Asian Platters

Green Thai Fish Curry    R850
Green Thai Veg Curry    R500
Red Thai Fish Curry    R850
Red Thai Veg Curry    R500
Veg Chow Mein    R340
Paenang Fish Curry    R850
Paenang Veg Curry    R500


(By the litre)
Napoli  R80
Rose  R90
Porcini  R90
Pesto Cream  R90


Rocket, asparagus & ricotta     R300
French onion     R300
Roasted butternut & blue cheese    R300
Spinach, feta & roasted garlic     R300


Garden Salad     R230
Roasted Butternut Salad     R270
Greek Salad     R270
Blue Cheese Salad     R280
Smoked Salmon Salad     R300
Caprese Salad     R270
Caeser Salad     R280
Halloumi Salad      R280
Sushi Salad    R300
Tuna Salad     R300


French onion    R70 per L
Minestrone     R70 per L
Chunky Veg    R70 per L
Pea & Potato    R70 per L


Lemon Meringue    R360
Chocolate torte       R250
Carrot cake   R300
Baked Cheese Cake
large      R200
small      R140
Baked Cheese Cake Bar-one
large      R240
small      R160
Fresh fruit platter
freshest fruit of the season      R300
Cookie platter        R360
Mini cookie platter         R280
Brownie platter         R320

* All ingredients subject to seasonal availability and the chefs whim