All functions carry a minimum R1500 function fee

Minimum 40ppl        (negotiable)


Option 1


Burgers n fries

Midi burgers (individually wrapped)


Onion rings

Asian Coleslaw

Garden Salad with Avo and Rocket

Potato salad

Hot Choc brownies

Parev ice cream with hot chocolate sauce

Mini fruit-kebab


Option 2


Shawarma section

Beef Shwarma

Chicken Shawarma

Falafel balls

Fresh lafa (baked on the premises in tandouri oven)

Fresh pita

Salad platter: Humus. tahina, amber, israeli salad, pickled cucumber, white cabbage, red cabbage, sumac onions, morroccan carrot salad, marinated brinjal, pickled chillies, tzchug

Brownie platter

Parev ice cream and hot chocolate sauce

Mini fruit-kebabs


Option 3


Wok Section

Chicken sweet-corn soup

Vegetable chow mein

Chicken chow mein

Beef Chow mein

Sweet n sour chicken

Egg fried rice

Jasmine rice pudding

Sweet bow-ties


Option 4


Curry Kitchen

Chilli bytes

Mini beef kofta

Selection of salads

Barrio Mutton curry or Bangladeshi Mutton curry

Mussuman Beef curry or Singapore style Chicken curry

Dahl Chickpea and curry

Durban Veg curry

Basmati rice

Fresh Roti (baked on the premises in tandouri oven)

Sambals and home-made chutney

Lime and lemongrass sorbet

Jasmine rice pudding



Fish Braai

 (with our own pastes and pesto: teriyaki sauce, tikka paste, cashew coriander pesto, lemon n herb)

Whole line fish – R280/kg

Whole Norwegian Salmon R470/kg

Line fish steaks – R70 /120g

Norwegian Salmon Steaks – R80/120g

Portuguese Style Sardines – R15/little fishie

Aged Scotch Fillet – R350/kg (teriyaki sauce or dry rubbed)

Sticky beef ribs – R200/kg