Rtg Specials Menu

Rtg Specials Menu

THE BEYOND MEAT BURGER – A Pure veg patty served on a toasted seed bun with burger garnish and fries R130
(you’ll think it’s the best smoky beef burger you ever tasted)

DAN-DAN NOODLES – If u dig the Thai Beef Grapau I think you’re gonna really enjoy this one!!! A Sichuan style bolognaise with hand-made egg-noodles and a spicy beef mince flavored with chilli oil, mouth numbing Sichuan pepper, sesame paste, fresh Asian aromatics and a handful of sliced sugar snap peas thrown in for the crunch factor. R138

Starters, salads and soups

MORROCAN CIGARS – Crisp, rolled and stuffed phyllo pastry
Beef – Spicy or just spiced (3 pieces) R54
Roast butternut & rosemary (3 pieces) R45

SHISH KEBAB – A middle-eastern style, chargrilled, beef-mince kebab spiced with green chilli, fresh coriander, mint and ground spices. Sold per spear as a starter R52
Or as a main in laffa (1 spear) R74
On the plate (2 spears) R142

THAI BEEF SALAD – Thin sliced, sweet-soy marinated scotch fillet flash seared and tossed together with bok choy, lettuce leaves, fresh coriander, mint, toasted peanuts and tamed chilli. Served with a ginger and lemongrass dressing. R138

THAI CHIX SALAD – Same as above with marinated chicken breast R126

THAI BEEF SOUP – An aromatic beef stock with chicken and shitake mushroom dumplings, poached beef strips, slices of sticky beef rib, bok-choy, fresh coriander and deep-fried garlic. R138

CHUNKY VEG SOUP – Earthy ‘n medowy with every veg we buy in and the sounds of cowbells in the distance. Served with roasted pumpkin seeds n’ fresh-baked bread R82


RIB-EYE ON THE BONE – 800g dry-aged rib-eye steak rubbed with crushed spices, grilled and sliced off the bone. Served with a fresh red-pepper salsa, chimichurri, ciabatta bread and 2 sides. (served as a platter for 2) R580

MIXED GRILL, PAP AND GRAVY – A South African braai combo with a ¼ chicken, boeri, 150g tenderized steak, pap and gravy R195

STEAK, EGG AND CHIPS – My favorite pub meal! 300g tenderized steak, fries and 2 fried eggs R185

STICKY BEEF RIBS – 700g of tender, sticky, charred beef ribs served with a side of your choice SQ

RIBS & WINGS COMBO – 400g ribs and a portion Louisiana or buffalo wings SQ

LAMB CHOPS – 3-4 chops grilled Mediterranean style with lemon and fresh herbs or teriyaki sauce. Served with a side of your choice SQ

SESAME COATED SALMON – fillet of Norwegian salmon coated with black sesame seeds and baked in the pizza oven. Served with wok-fried veg and wasabi mayo R244

MACON AND GUACAMOLE BURGER – A 200g thick beef mince patty flame grilled with crisp macon and a tangy avocado salsa. Served with fries R145

PULLED BEEF SANDWICH – We’re roasting a beef joint over-night in a Louisiana spice rub ‘n shredding it onto a fresh roll with pickled jalapenos, red and white cabbage, crisp onion rings and more. Served with a dipping sauce R120


CHURROS – A Mexican-style doughnut with cinnamon sugar and a hot chocolate Dipping sauce R48

COCA-COLA FUDGE BROWNIES – Hot choc brownies layered with a dreamy coca-cola fudge sauce and toasted, caramelized pecan nuts with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream R56

CHOCOLATE BROWNIES – Hot choc brownies served with vanilla ice-cream and hot choc sauce R48